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Our Partners

Our collaborators bridge the gap between your company and ours. 

Success Through Collaboration and Partnerships.


Rahul Bhansali

Venture Capital/ Private Equity 

Matt DeNuzzo_edited.jpg

Matt DeNuzzo

Program Director at Empire Startups 

ellie Yichen.jpg

Ellie Yichen Li

Partner Lair East Labs 


Kelly Burton 

CEO of Nexus Research Group & Founders of Color

Bill Drewes Headshot_edited.jpg

Bill Drewes

Attorney/ Fundraiser and Development Advisor 

Nootools founder.jpg

Mark Noonan

President/ CEO Nootools LLC


Waziri Garuba

Founder of Harlem Labs

Nalani Kopp headshot.jpg

Nalani Kopp

Founder of ArtherapyHQ

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