We are dedicated to serving you. 

Helping founders scale to product-market-fit



Provider of cloud-based software-as-a-service solutions that enable
leading colleges and universities to deliver high-quality online
degree programs to students seeking knowledge anywhere in the world.


QBS Learning

A full-service content creative resource partner supporting publishers
worldwide in creating integrated media and content solutions for


Nano Smart Lights

Is an innovative energy sustainable low cost, rechargeable, motion
sensor and solar light bulbs intelligent solution to businesses and
consumers worldwide.

Smart Energi

Designs and supplies novel energy storage products and services for
use by government, businesses, educational institutions, and
residential customers.


Square Plan

Unifies all communications automatically between tenants, landlords
and property managers and notifies the ecosystem




A curated marketplace for home shopping



Comprehensive and fully integrated digital infrastructure for
Alternative Asset Manager s including Private Equity Funds, Hedge
Funds, Fund of Funds.

Name Coach 

Name Coach helps all members of a school community build relationships and foster inclusion by making accurate name pronunciation available throughout all your systems

Nano Research 

Researching, Designing, Developing and Commercializing of smart mechanical, energy storage, and BioMedical Good and services. Our target customers are individuals,corporations, and government organizations that are interested in on-boarding our products to solve internal and external challenges.

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The Steel Store 

An online marketplace which stands behind its Steel.