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Valley Dates Venture Partners

The VDVP accelerator program believes in your startup and also holds you accountable to make sure that everyone works to their best capabilities to get the most out of their potential.


Moqod- Innovative Apps & Software

Moqod provides CTO and development services for start-ups and scale-ups. Using the best technicians and latest technologies, Moqod has worked with world best startups and scale-ups such as UBER.


We us proprietary technology to drastically reduce the time and cost of new product development. Our tools automate away all the redundant parts of software development.

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IPG LAW GROUP, INC is a comprehensive fact-based legal, consulting, and accounting business. Our aim is to design and deliver unique high-quality end-to end solutions that fits the customer’s needs.

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We are a Healthy Mixture of Passion, Technology, and Simplicity. We Deliver Not The Good, But The Best.